At Emily Black Photography, we create photos that celebrate your strength and grace.  

We work with three types of clients.

Choose your path.


Fitness Enthusiasts

You've worked hard to master your sport and shape your body.  Emily Black Photography offers pampering photo sessions to show off your hard work.  Treat yourself for a special birthday or just to celebrate your life.  Together we'll create photos that show how far you've come.


Dance Students

You've dedicated your life to performing, and each time, it's over in a blink.  Fine art prints and digital audition photos from Emily Black Photography capture the most important journey of your life, to be enjoyed off stage and for years to come.

Dance and Fitness Professionals

You own a dance or yoga studio or work as an instructor or personal trainer.  Emily Black Photography creates promotional photos to attract clients.  We also offer studio picture days so your clients can see their own transformations.

What kind of Dance Mom are YOU?

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We’re going to use your awesome photos for her upcoming audition! I want them to see everything you see in her.”
— Joy, Houston Dance Mom