Digital Dance Photography Magazine

I created this digital magazine to showcase my dance photography work. I send it to prospective clients when they inquire about my services.

S19-Front Cover on White.jpg


I chose this image for my cover because it is my most popular photo on Instagram. I hoped that it would draw attention and encourage people to download the free magazine.

White-2 & 3.jpg

Table of Contents

I chose similar images of dancers to create tension and symmetry to open the magazine.

White-4 & 5.jpg

Photo Feature

I saw a theme of jumping within some of my work and created a photo spread for the issue.

White-6 & 7.jpg

Head Shot Feature

In every issue, I show ways to improve your dancer’s head shots. This one was using diagonal lines to create interest.

White-8 & 9.jpg

Look Book

I encourage clients to choose a style from my Look Book to streamline the planning process. They can choose Quirky, Natural, Bright, or Edgy to help me decide which backdrops and props I should prepare.

White-10 & 11.jpg

Featured Product

I used a decorating magazine format to highlight my retail line of black and white photographic prints.

White-12 & 13.jpg

Featured Product

I used stock photography for the interiors and added my products digitally.

White-14 & 15.jpg

Featured Dancer

I chose to feature a dance shoot done in a white studio to keep with the bright, crisp tones I chose for the spring magazine.

White-16 & 17.jpg

About the Photographer

I chose a full page photo of a happy, enthusiastic dancer across from the “how to work with me” section to subtly hint that I’m easy and fun to shoot with.

White-18 & 19 .jpg

Pet Project and Pricing Guide

Fun, quirky pet photos balance out the more serious pricing information.

Flat Trim-Back Cover SQ.jpg

Back Cover

I wanted a dramatic photo for the back cover in case the print version was left sitting out on a table.

Video Ad

Here is the video ad encouraging people to download the free magazine.