Step 4: Narrowing Down the Photos


we start off with this many photos  

Seriously.  These are the frames from a two hour shoot with a dancer.  There were 694 from this shoot. They look like this.


The dancer makes her choices

We view them together on the iPad the same day, and you tell me which ones have the best form. It normally ends up being around 20% of the total.

Isabella Choices.jpg

Then I do my thing...

I choose my favorite 20 from this group and perfect them.  Every blemish is erased, the lighting corrected, and the backdrop smoothed.  You get the 20 cream of the crop, all ready to be framed, not hundreds of bad ones with 20 decent ones for you to find in a treasure hunt! Just 20 perfect photos of your amazing dancer!

You return or view online

In a few weeks, you return to the studio or view the digitals online. Buy only what you like. You can view packages below.