My Own Little Pep Rally

It’s been a scary, difficult, emotional, fantastic, horrible year.  In a couple of weeks, it will be twelve months since I left England.  Two moves and a hurricane later, I’m in Scottsdale, Arizona, still trying to sort out my personal life, get a business off the ground, and find an SPF high enough for my Irish complexion.  It’s so hard to go out on a limb, make changes, risk failure, have people doubt you and criticize you, be lonely, and question your sanity every single day.  Seriously.  I’ve almost packed it in a thousand times. 

For the days when I can’t take another setback—like yesterday when I had a flat tire AND cut my finger deeply enough that I might have needed a stitch or two—I have a little secret weapon.  It’s a highlight reel of the work I’ve done in the last year.  If there is anything I can say for certain, I have learned more in the last year than in the last (at least) seven combined.  Here’s the video I put together of just a few of my best shots of the last year.  When I need a boost, I watch this and remember why I’m doing what I’m doing and how much progress I’ve made.  And no, the song I chose is no accident.