In the house, believe it or not

I had the privilege of photographing an amazingly talented and adorable young dancer a few weeks back.  We shot at my tiny apartment studio in Houston, but I assured her and her mom that the final photos would make it look like she was in a huge performance space.  It took a lot of editing of my backdrop, but I think I pulled it off.  My reason for commenting on that is twofold.  First, when people ask why photography, especially dance photography, is expensive, that's one reason.  Even with a larger backdrop, there's a lot of editing that goes into every finished photograph.  The second reason is so you can see how much of photography is illusion.  Yes, she is absolutely pirouetting and leaping as pictured in the final photographs.  However, the space, the shadows, and the lighting are my creation, sometimes days or weeks after the actual shoot.

Here's a video of our day together.  Notice the small space we're working in.  One day I'll graduate to a big studio, but for now, all I need is a fun, enthusiastic dancer and a couple of lights!