Highlights of 2017!

We’re nearing the end of January! Can you believe it?  I’ve been meaning to do a little recap of 2017, and we’re almost a month into 2018!  

2017 was a difficult year personally, but that brought about huge growth in my business and artistic life.  A year after moving back to the US from England, I'm getting established in Scottsdale, where I have a studio space at Creative Center Scottsdale.  Shooting beautiful, strong dancers and yogis of all ages and sizes makes me feel empowered, and I love sharing my work with the world.  I finally feel like I’ve found the perfect balance between self-expression and making something others value.

I’ve also learned that being a working artist is about 10% art and 90% marketing.  I don’t love that part, but it gets me what I want—getting paid to take pictures of beautiful people!  

A few months ago, I posted a video I use as motivation to kick myself into gear when I’m having a hard day or don’t feel like doing the work.  There have been so many hard days in the last year that I’ve been tempted to give up a thousand times, and this little video has helped me keep it together more than once.  I’ve updated it here to show the best of 2017!  I’m so proud of what I’ve accomplished and I hope it inspires you to work for your dreams.