Sahvanna Smiles

I had a great shoot a couple of weeks ago, and I've finished the editing and put together a little video to show how our day went.  The dancer is Sahvanna Thompson, an Arizona State dance student who was referred to me by another ASU client.

Sahvanna and I didn't have a chance to meet before the shoot, so I didn't know what to expect before she arrived.  She came in looking young and fresh and adorable (she's only 19) and ready to get shooting.  

I usually start with head shots, rather than motion shots, because if the dancer does a lot of jumping, she'll be tired and less fresh afterward.  We set up and I noticed that she never gave me a big smile, preferring not to show her braces.  I found this little quirk of hers charming.  Her smile in my photos looks knowing or ironic or cheeky, and I think it gives a little glimpse into her personality.  

My favorite thing about Sahvanna was her positive, upbeat nature.  She was recovering from a knee injury so we had to be cautious about jumping and kicking, but she never complained and attempted everything I asked.  She also told me a bit about her future plans, and they include using dance to help at-risk kids find direction and purpose.  I love that she wants to share her passion and talent to make a positive difference in the world.  

Here's a quick one minute video of our shoot.  Check it out to get an idea about what it's like to spend a few hours in my studio.  Scottsdale folks, I'm available for shoots now through mid-April, and I'll be working in Houston April 16 to 21.  Appointments are limited and filling quickly, so call or email for availability.