Contest winners, blog posts, and magazine features! Oh my!

It's been a big week at Emily Black Photography!  The big announcement is that my free head shot contest has wrapped up and the NINE winners were chosen yesterday.  I'm not publishing any names here, but check your mailbox to see if you've won.  If not, I hope you'll consider making a free consultation appointment to discuss head shots and action shots taken with me. Check back, as I'll be publishing the photos I take of the winners!

The second thing is that the artist collective studio where I shoot has me featured on their blog this week.  It's an awesome space with tons of talented painters, photographers, designers, and other artists.  The piece is very kind and talks a bit about what I do.  Please check it out at

And finally, I'm thrilled to announce that I've been featured in the national women's magazine Harness!  The magazine is mostly online, sometimes in print, and it's beautifully written and photographed.  In the article, I talk about my inspiration, why I love working with dancers, and how I got started. And they've put my photos on their home page!  Please take a look at

Congratulations to all the winners and to all the dancers chosen by Creative Center of Scottsdale and Harness magazine to be featured!