In the Zone (and in the Studio)

Why I Prefer to Shoot Indoors

Let me say first off, I WILL shoot outside.  The customer is the boss, and I’m happy to work with their vision.  I’m open to new ideas, and maybe one day I’ll change my mind, but for now my preference is to shoot indoors and here’s why.

The main reason is that dance is inherently theatrical.  It’s costumes and lighting and makeup.  It feels silly to me to take this glamorous world we’ve created out to beach.  Why on earth would you have your pointe shoes in the woods?  Or at the train tracks?  Have you ever, in your entire life, stood on train tracks, much less wearing a tutu and false eyelashes?  It’s silly.

Second, lighting.  Take a look at my photos.  They have a very specific, painterly look to them.  That’s done with lighting.  Sometimes it’s electric light, and sometimes it’s natural from a window or door, but I’m in control of where it comes from, and that makes my photos what they are.  It’s practically impossible to get that quality of light directly under the sun.

Third, I shoot mainly in Houston and Scottsdale.  It gets HOT, folks.  In Scottsdale, there are three months a year where the heat in truly dangerous.  The pigmentally challenged (like me) will be burned in a matter of minutes.  In Houston, it could be 80 degrees in January (or maybe 30?  Who knows?).  The temperature and light are unpredictable, but there’s one thing we do know.  It will be humid.  Most likely, you’ll be sweating before you even get stretched out, and that doesn’t make for great photos.

Fourth, these photos are about YOU.  Your face, your talent, your hard work.  I put you on a simple background, often with very plain clothing, so we see YOU.  No fountains or canyons or epic staircases.  Everything else is a distraction. 

So that’s why.  If your heart is set on outdoor photography, I’ll make it work.  Just realize that your photos will look very different than what you see on my website and Instagram.  And if you love the look of my work, you love indoor dance photography.  Who knew?