A Birthday Party, a Handstand, and All. Those. Shoots.

Hi, folks!  I know it’s been a while, but I’m back.  After redesigning the website and shooting in Houston for two weeks, I’m back posting on Tutu Tuesdays!  Here’s a quick recap of my recent trip.  

The main reason for going was to shoot dancers in Houston, like I do a few times a year, but the timing was around my niece’s fourth birthday.  I can’t believe my baby Harper is four!  She’s grown into an opinionated, funny, easygoing little princess / super hero.  A few weeks prior, I had been to Disneyland for the first time and brought my girls back Minnie Mouse ears.  Here they are showing them off!  That’s the birthday girl on the right.  She looks like she’s full of mischief, right?


If you’ve been following my quest to do a handstand, you’ll be happy to know I finally succeeded!  My best friend and yoga photo client and I have been discussing the best way to get over the fear of falling on your head, and I decided I was going to learn to do it or die trying.    Why?  Because I’m 41, and at this age, if you’re not actively moving toward some fitness goal, you’re moving away from it.  That’s true in life though, right?  If you’re not working for something, you’re losing ground.  Next step, I’ll work on getting it unsupported–but don’t hold your breath.


And third, all those shoots.  Still editing.  And editing.  And editing.

I had my first shoot with a male dancer, Rhys Hudson.  He’s a brilliant dancer and super nice guy who has just announced that he’s been accepted as a trainee at Boston Ballet.  Here’s one behind the scenes with his sweet mom.


Then the adorable Isabella.  Then Elle, my youngest dance shoot ever.  Then gorgeous, poised, bubbly Maddie.  They’ll all get their own blog posts when I’ve finished their edits.

And finally Avery.  If you’ve followed me on Instagram and Facebook for long, you’ll know that Avery was the one who started it all.  Her mom, my (other) best friend urged me to try dance photography, and, despite my reservations, I fell in love.  Avery’s birthday is coming up in a couple weeks.  She’ll be 14, but I’ve been her Auntie Em for 14 years and nine months now, because I loved her long before she was born.  Without knowing it, she changed the direction of my career and life, and I’ll always be grateful.

I’ve used some old photos and video of Avery, along with the new studio photos we shot to show her evolution as a dancer.  I hope it inspires all the parents out there to get professional photos made because they grow up so fast.