Disney Home Store Window Proposal

My first Disney employment application was for a part time window designer position, for which I created this design for Disney Home Store. It is constructed from solid-colored Matisse-style cut out shapes, layered to create the abstract princess characters.


Thumbnail Sketch

I drew the abstracted shapes, concentrating on removing any extraneous details. Only the minimal shapes required to identify the characters were used.


Paper Model

I photocopied the sketch above and cut out the pieces to use as templates for colored paper shapes. I used thick foam tape as risers for the shapes to create dimensionality. I wanted to make sure the concept worked in 3D before I created the Illustrator design and, if I was working with a fabricator, sent it to be constructed.


Finished Illustrator File

I used the photo of the 3D model as a template for the vector image. If constructed in a close-backed window, the pieces would be supported from the ceiling, floor, or back of the window. If displayed in an open-backed window, they would also be fabricated as mirror images and layered to be visible from the interior of the store as well.