The Picture Day Antidote means more profit and less hassle.

Dance photographer Emily Black spends most of her time creating custom dance portraits that parents pay thousands for. For a few weeks a year, however, she brings her talent, outgoing personality, and organization to studio picture days to give dance families great photos at a fraction of the cost.

Dance studio owners and parents are young and tech savvy, but studio photography seems to be stuck in the 1980’s. Several forces are changing the way dance studio photographers SHOULD be working, but often aren’t. First, kids these days are in more activities than ever before. Many activity photographers sell only prints, and parents may not want yet another expensive photo print package. Second, technology now allows parents to see what they’re buying before they purchase. Parents hate buying photos sight unseen, but most studios don’t offer easy online viewing. And third, parents want to be able to show off their photos on social media, whether they buy prints or not. Instant digital downloads are possible and cost effective, but most photographers don’t offer them.

When photographers take advantage of the technology and appreciate the needs of the parents, we get happier customers who buy more photos!

For studio owners who are tired of Picture Days that are always running behind and parents who hate having to purchase photos sight unseen, Emily offers the Picture Day Antidote. The Antidote offers four key benefits:

  1. Parents pay nothing up front. That means the studio owner isn’t responsible for collecting money in advance and Picture Day runs on time. Really.

  2. Emily shoots nothing but dance, makes kids comfortable, and delivers more great options in poses and expressions. She offers web size digitals as low as $15 and packages for any price point.

  3. Parents can view all proofs online, place their orders, and have digitals delivered instantly. Print purchases are mailed to their homes within a week. Seriously. No taking money, distributing photos, or hearing parents complain that they don’t think the photos are worth the price.

  4. Despite how easy the Picture Day schedule and sale are for the owner, you still get 10% of the profits!

You may not believe that a Picture Day can be run on time, with happy parents and more profit. Not only CAN it be done, it SHOULD be that way! Emily has Picture Day down to a science and enjoys every minute of it! But because recital season is short, Emily only has a few weekends in April and May to work with as many studios as possible. Getting on her schedule early is critical to snagging one of those appointments! We choose who we work with based on the size of the studio and philosophy of the owners. Do you want to offer parents the best photo options at reasonable prices? Do you insist on the kids feeling relaxed and valued and the day being fun? We might be a good fit!

Are you ready for the Picture Day Antidote?

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