How the Process Works

It's super easy to work with me!  Here's what you do next to get the ball rolling!


Go to the form at the bottom of this page to send me an email with your info.

We'll exchange a couple of emails or schedule a phone call.  If we're a good fit, you'll pay a $300 sitting fee to hold your appointment.  And here's the good news—You get it back as a credit when you purchase prints or digitals!



Get inspired and tell me what you have in mind! 

Are you looking for soft and dreamy or edgy and gritty?  Here's a cheat sheet to help you decide.  You can send me photos of the wardrobe you've got and I'll make recommendations.  Then you and I will both look for poses that you feel comfortable with and make it happen!



Relax while I take pictures that show your amazing talent!

It's easy to shoot with me, but I'll work you hard!  You will jump and twirl and kick more in two hours than you do in a week of dance class.  Get used to me saying "one more time" until we get the perfect shot.  I might sound tough, but I guarantee you'll have fun!  Click here to see a video of a shoot with me!



Show me your best shots.

Immediately after the shoot, we'll sit down with the laptop and go through the 500 or more shots we took.  You'll choose the ones you want me to edit based on your form. Bent knee?  Sickle feet?  It never sees the light of day.  If you would be proud to show your instructor, we keep it.



View your photos and buy only what you love.

Scottsdale residents come back to the studio, and out-of-town people usually view online.  No more sifting through hundreds of mediocre shots to find one or two decent ones.  I'll show you around 20 perfectly edited masterpieces. (Why only 20? Click here.)  You choose the ones you want to purchase as digitals or prints.  Buy only what you love.  Remember, your sitting fee gets credited back toward your purchase.  

If you're viewing prints in person, you can take them home the day of the viewing!  If you're ordering prints online or in person, allow one to two weeks for them to arrive.  Here are my prices and packages so you know what to expect.


Then what?

If you loved the experience, tell your friends!

 If they make an appointment and pay the $300 sitting fee, you get $100!  Whoa!  Check out the Rewards Program here.