Wonderground Gallery Proposal

My first Disney job application was for a part time position as a window display designer. I created this example proposal for artwork to be displayed and sold in the Wonderground Gallery. It’s based on the Chinese Zodiac, i.e., Year of the Rat, Tiger, Horse, etc.. Each “Year of” animal is represented by a Disney character. I’ve taken three of the twelve sketches and developed them into finished designs that could be used as large scale window displays and sold as collectible prints in the gallery.

12Zodiac Sketches.jpg

Thumbnail Sketches

Each year is represented by a Disney character to be designed as a two-color vector print.


Detailed Pencil Sketches

I did research on single-color Chinese paper cut designs and developed three of the thumbnail sketches into rough designs.


Illustrator Evolution

I created vector elements from the pencil sketches and began experimenting with repeating patterns and color choices.


Finished Artwork

I’ve developed three out of twelve images for Wonderground Gallery display and art print sales. The final collectible series would each use black and a different single spot color.